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Российский продукт Radmin 3.4 имеет заслуженную популярность: сказывается удачное сочетание функционала и демократичной цены, что делает Radmin доступным рядовым пользователям. В отличие от NetOp Remote Control, русификация программы выполнена безукоризненно
HARD'N'SOFT, август 2010 г.


Detailed description of the Speed Test


To emulate desktop changes, we launched RFPSServer.exe (see figure 1) on the remote computer. This program refreshes the random image in the window of prescribed size (by default 32x32 pixel) with a specified refresh frequency (by default 100 times per second).

This self-refreshing window is an equalized load on the system for remote desktop transfer. Each image in the window of RFPSServer.exe is an array of pixels with random colors. The arrays of pixels are generated beforehand in order to prevent delays while refreshing. In the bottom field of the RFPSServer.exe window is displayed the transferring FPS. It may differ from what was selected because of processor load and Win API anomalies in measuring small time intervals.

Figure 1. Screenshot of RFPSServer.exe window (square changing area is seen within):

The image from the remote desktop is being transferred to the client module of the Remote Access software, where the second part of the measuring system, RFPSClient.exe (see figure 2), counts the number of transferred frames per second.

Figure 2. Screenshot of RFPSClient.exe :

RFPSClient.exe analyzes the black-white 10-pixel code in the upper left corner of the randomly changing image (see figure 3).

Figure 3. Enlarged screenshot of the changing image.

Thus the number of frames is decoded. If during successive attempts the frame number is the same, it means that we are showed the same frame. The frequency of recognition attempts per second is priorly set in the Remote FPS field. (It is advisable to choose a recognition frequency equal to or higher than the server's refresh frequency). The resulting FPS is the number of different recognized frame numbers per second. (The total number of frames is far more than 100, so a frame number cannot repeat in one second).

While analyzing frames, the quantity of recognized frames increase. The bottom field of RFPSClient.exe always shows FPS (the number of received frames divided by the time in seconds since the beginning of the test). Thus the longer we measure FPS, the more precise the test results. Practically, 30 to 60 seconds is sufficient.

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